2021-2022 Budget

Budget Process Date
Operating Budget Forms
All Departments return forms to the Comptroller’s
January 15, 2021
Comptroller’s Meetings with Departments January - February
Budget Hearings and Workshops February - April
Board of Finance Meeting
(To adopt the Budget and 10 Year CIP)
April 27, 2021
Joint Meeting May 17, 2021
Budget Narratives due to Comptroller’s Office June 18, 2021
New Fiscal Year July 1, 2021


February 23, 2021**Council ChambersVarious Departments
Outside Agencies

February 25, 20216:00 PMCouncil ChambersParks, Recreation, Youth and Community Services

March 1, 20216:00 PMCouncil ChambersPolice Department
Animal Control
Fire Department

March 4, 20216:00 PMCouncil ChambersPublic Works
Public Buildings
Transfer Station Fund
Solid Waste Fund

March 16, 20216:00 PMCouncil ChambersBoard of Education
March 23, 2021**Council Chambers10 Year Capital Improvement
Bristol Burlington Health District
Sewer Operating & Assessment Fund
Water Department
Debt Service
Employee Benefits
Heart & Hypertension
Miscellaneous & All Other
Other Post Employment Benefits
Operating Transfers Out

March 31, 20216:00 PMCouncil ChambersBudget Workshop
April 21, 20216:00 PMCouncil ChambersBudget Workshop

April 27, 2021**Council ChambersBOF Budget Adoption

May 17, 2021
Council ChambersJoint Meeting Budget Adoption

**Immediately following regular BOF Meeting