Grand List Totals

 Grand List Components

  • Personal Property - online filing link d-activated 12/15/2018

"Personal Property" declaration link: 

Online filing Instructions September through November 1st annually.

Register your business using the access code included in your filing invitation correspondence. Follow the set up instructions. Once you have registered, you may continue filing your declaration. When you have completed your on-line submission, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Be sure to print a copy of your filing for your records. Please note, if your copy displays “you have not submitted the declaration to the town”, you must go back to Final Submit and follow the instructions to complete your filing.

If you prefer to print a blank declaration form or you are a Manufacturer filing for the “M65” exemption, these forms are available online. Simply enter your Access Code from the invitation letter in the lower left corner of the website and click “print blank declaration”.

Ask a question or report a concern.

Feel free to contact Deputy Assessor, Judith Dick, at or 860-584-6243 or any assessment staff at 860-584-6240 with any questions or concerns.

Recent Totals

The following information is based on totals from October 1, 2018.

Type of Property
Gross Assessment
Net Assessment
Motor Vehicle
$ 389,033,511
$ 5,270,71
$ 383,762,770
Personal Property
$ 555,798,710
$ 241,439,557
$ 314,359,153
Real Estate
$ 3,277,571,984
$ 27,794,858
$ 3,249,777,126
$ 4,222,404,205
$ 274,505,156
$ 3,947,899,049

Elderly Totals

Monetary Category
Type of Funding
Official Status
Net Elderly
Tax Dollars
$ 350,000Estimated
Net Elderly
$ 55,722,012Estimated
Local Veteran Exemptions
Assessment$ 3,655,810