Yard Waste

Residential Yard Waste Collection Service 

The City of Bristol offers a curbside yard waste collection service for an annual fee, currently $90.00 for the season. Subscribers receive a 95 gallon green yard waste container, which the City will deliver when your paid application is received.

Yard Waste Collection is weekly (usually two days after your regular rubbish collection day) from mid-April through mid-November. For 2019, collections will be April 1, 2019 through November 8, 2019. We are now accepting renewal applications for the 2019 season! If you do not currently have a yard waste barrel, and would like to subscribe to our yard waste service, we will be accepting new customer applications beginning January 15, 2019. Your yard waste barrel will be delivered in March.

Paid subscribers will receive a sticker that must be adhered to the barrel. Barrels that do not have a sticker will not be emptied.

To sign up for the yard waste subscribers list, please visit our Notify Me section and enter your email address. You can then receive notices of renewal and service information via email. Renewal information is sent to subscribers who have joined our Notify Me list once the annual fee is set by the Board of Public Works. If you choose not renew your service, please contact Public Works at (860) 584-6125 and arrange for us to collect your yard waste barrel. ** As a cost saving initiative, we will no longer mail renewal notices. 

How to Pay

In office: Public Works Department Ground Floor of City Hall (111 North Main Street). We accept cash, checks, and charge. If you pay with a credit or debit card, the bank charges a convenience fee typically between $2.00-$4.00. Please write all checks payable to the City of Bristol.

By mail: Please write all checks payable to the City of Bristol. If your name and address are not on the check, please include a note with your name and address. Please address the envelope "Public Works Department 111 North Main Street Bristol, CT 06010." 

By phone: You may call Farmington Bank at 1-877-227-1157 to make a payment.

Online: You can now pay for your Yard Waste Service on line with a credit card or electronic check. There is a service fee of 2.95% for MasterCard, Visa and Discover credit cards, $3.95 for Visa debit and a $1.50 service fee for electronic check (using your bank's routing number and your checking account number) payment. Go to our Payment Center to make an online payment. 

If you're renewing your Yard Waste barrel service online, by phone, or by mail, we will mail you the sticker. If you renew in the office, we will give you the sticker while you're here. If you are subscribing as a new customer and do not already have a barrel, we will put the sticker on the barrel and deliver it to your residence once you have made your payment.

Acceptable Yard Waste

Acceptable yard waste consists of grass clippings, leaves, woodchips, and small twigs no thicker than 1 inch and no longer than 12 inches. All yard waste must be placed in the provided yard waste container in such a manner that the material will freely exit the container when it is inverted. No dirt, sod, rubbish, rocks, sand, or other foreign materials are allowed. Barrels weighing in excess of 300 lbs. will not be emptied. No bagged yard waste or yard waste in regular rubbish barrels will be collected as part of your service.

Proper curbside placement of yard waste containers is critical for curbside collection. Barrels must be spaced a minimum of five (5’) feet apart. Please have barrels curbside by 6:00 AM on your collection day.

Lost/misplaced stickers will only be available for a $25.00 replacement fee.

Applications and Composting Information

Holiday Schedule - Yard Waste collection will be one day delayed after a City Holiday. Friday Yard Waste routes will be collected on Saturdays during a holiday week.