Police Explorers

The Bristol Police Explorers are an organization comprised of youths, ages 14-21 that are interested in the criminal justice field. We serve our city and community with honor, pride and integrity. Our program provides its members with an education of police work, basic medical training, team building exercises, and a sense of self-respect and discipline.

Police Explorers learn the duties of Law Enforcement Officers from career fields as varied as Police Patrol, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Environmental Protection, Forensics, Emergency Dispatching, Military Police, as well as other aspects of law enforcement. Topics such as forensics, police officer safety and juvenile law are common, as well as how to handle domestic violence situations, felony traffic stops and DUI traffic stops. The Explorers experience building search and high stress scenarios as well as firearms safety courses. When Explorers are not training, they have fun mountain biking, rock climbing and camping.

The Explorers also compete against other Police Explorer Posts at regular events such as Stations Day and participates annually in a weeklong Police Explorer academy. The academy is an experience filled with discipline, hard work and fun. It is comprised of learning different aspects of police work, meeting Explorers from all over Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island.

To be a member, you must be at least 14 years of age, maintain at least a 70% average in school, have no criminal history and be in good standing in your community. If you are Interested in the Police Explorer program you can contact Officer George Franek at (860) 584-3000 to set up an interview.