The City tests for police officer approximately every two (2) years. Applications are reviewed after the closing date to ensure that the minimum requirements stated in the job description are met.

The agility examination is conducted by Complete Health & Injury Prevention (CHIP). The four basic parts of the test include sit-ups, the measure of flexibility, push ups, and the 1.5 Mile Run. Non-certified candidates must meet the 40th percentile of physical fitness; certified candidates must meet the 50th percentile of physical fitness. Information on CHIP and the CHIP testing packet can be found by contacting CHIP directly at (203) 235-5865 or on-line at www.policeapp.com by clicking “Resources” and “Physical Ability Assessment Schedule”. The City reserves the right to require the CHIP card at any phase of the testing process.

If you meet the application requirements, you will be invited to take a written exam. The written examination tests observation and memory, ability to learn new information, judgment and problem solving, writing skills and interests relative to success in police work. A passing score, as determined by the City, will be considered 50% of the final earned score for the entire examination process.

Applicants passing the written and agility tests will be invited to participate in an oral panel examination. No part of the testing process requires any prior knowledge of law enforcement. A passing score, as determined by the City, will be considered 50% of the final earned score for the entire examination process.

Five points will be added to a final passing score (maximum score="100" points) to veterans who have completed a minimum of ninety days of active military service with an honorable discharge or a discharge under honorable conditions. Form DD214, Member Copy #4, will be required to verify the right to receive veteran’s credits.

An eligibility list is established for all non-certified candidates who have passed the initial agility test, the written exam and the oral exam. That list is valid for two years or until it is exhausted, whichever comes first.

The Police Department will conduct a thorough background investigation which may include checking employment, school, military and police records, personal references, a credit check, and other sources as necessary. The process may also include a pre-offer polygraph examination. Rejection from a police hiring process in another agency may be disqualifying.

As vacancies are anticipated, candidates are presented to the Board of Police Commissioners for consideration. The Board of Police Commissioners is the hiring authority and may interview and make a conditional offer of employment to any candidate on the eligibility list.

A post-offer medical examination, including a test for drugs of abuse, a post-offer psychological examination, and a post-offer polygraph exam will be required of those candidates who are offered positions with the Police Department. Candidates will also be weighed and measured for compliance with the Bristol Police Department official height and weight chart requirements. Any applicant who exceeds the maximum acceptable weight requirement will be tested using the following body fat standards which may not be exceeded:

- Male employees: 23%
- Female employees: 29%

Candidates must pass a second Physical Agility Examination administered by The Police Officer Standards and Training Council (POST) within thirty days of entering the Police Academy.

For information about training in the police academy, click here.