How do I know what positions are open?
Openings are posted on this website, our 24-hour job information line at (860) 584-6126, and in the Personnel Department on the second floor of City Hall:
111 N. Main St.
Bristol, CT 06010

Openings are also typically advertised in a newspaper (such as the Hartford Courant), and listed with the Connecticut Department of Labor as well as other local community organizations. Additional advertising sources may be used depending on the position. Positions are generally open for a specific period of time and have a deadline or closing date for application. Some positions, such as certified lateral transfer Police Officer, may be continuously recruited, which means that applications are accepted at any time. Please refer to the Job Opportunities page for complete and current information.Employment Opportunities

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1. How do I know what positions are open?
2. How do I apply?
3. What if I have heard of an opening but do not see it posted anywhere?
4. What happens after I submit my application?
5. Does the city provide special consideration for applicants with disabilities?
6. Does the city offer seasonal employment opportunities?