Are waterfront properties unfairly singled out during a revaluation?
The simple answer is no. Contrary to popular belief, waterfront properties are assessed at the same level of market value as every other type of property located within a municipality. Over the last 10 to 15 years, due to a small supply and an ever-increasing demand, waterfront property values have increased at a significantly higher rate than properties in other City and Town locations. Revaluations that have been undertaken since this significant value appreciation simply reflected this substantial increase in market value in the form of a new, higher assessed value. Although we fully understand that these value changes and resulting tax increases can certainly have a negative economic impact on an owner, assessors are powerless to do anything but reflect full and fair market value as required by State law. It is also of the utmost importance to be aware that the assessed values are created by the sales activity that occurred along the waterfront prior to a revaluation.

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14. Are waterfront properties unfairly singled out during a revaluation?
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