What is the Enterprise Zone and what are the benefits found there?

Bristol’s Enterprise Zone is a geographic area generally found downtown and is bounded by South Street, Bellevue Ave., Maple Street, North Street (Route 6), and West Street (Route 69). The zone includes most of or all of Main Street, North Main Street, Center Street, Church Street, Riverside Avenue, West Street, Park Street, Valley Street, Race Street, and Summer Street. New manufacturers locating in the Zone may be eligible for 80% property tax abatement for 5 years. Other users such as retail and residential who are expanding the tax base may be entitled to a freeze on assessments on a declining scale for seven years. Corporations may also be eligible for income tax credits of up to 25% for 10 years for locating in the zone. Bristol also has related programs such as the Qualified Manufacturing Plant, Bio-Science Zone, and the Urban Jobs Program that can assist qualified companies that are expanding.

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