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Bristol Police Department - Online Alarm Registration Form

  1. Pursuant to the City of Bristol Ordinance Section 2.5, all residential and business alarms systems must be registered with the Bristol Police Department. The primary reason for the ordinance is to reduce the number of false alarms. After the third false alarm in a calendar year, the alarm owner will be fined $90.00 for each false alarm throughout the remainder of the year. All questions should be directed to the BPD Records Division (860) 584-3066.

  2. If your alarm sounds, who can the PD contact?

  3. Alarm Type:*

  4. Alarm Location:*

  5. Alarm is:*

  6. Alarm Routing:*

  7. If central station is checked, list name, address & phone number of the alarm company.

  8. By submitting this form, the registrant agrees to comply with the provisions of the City of Bristol Alarm Ordinance Section 2.5. The registrant also understands that he/she shall be accountable for false alarms, excluding those caused by severe weather. Warnings and fines shall be issued pursuant to the Bristol alarm ordinance.

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