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1. What do I need to obtain a copy of my birth certificate, a death certificate, or a marriage certificate?
2. How do I apply for a marriage license?
3. What is the conveyance tax rate and land recording fees in Bristol?
4. What do I need to open a business or file a trade name in Bristol?
5. Where can I get a document notarized?
6. How can I obtain an absentee ballot?
7. What do I need to apply for a dog license?
8. What do I need to sell food, goods, or merchandise in Bristol?
9. Where can I obtain information on an ordinance or local law?
10. How can I obtain a copy of my property deed or legal description?
11. How can I change my name on my property deed or tax bill?
12. How do I file a foreclosure registration?
13. When are the City Council meetings held?
14. How can I check for a lien on my property?
15. How can I change information on my Social Security card, obtain a copy of my divorce papers, or apply for a passport?