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Bulk Pickup
Bulk Pickup for Residential Customers
Residents who qualify for curbside rubbish and recycle collection from the City of Bristol can request a bulk pickup for large items that do not fit in your rubbish barrel. The first pick up each year per residential building is free. Bulk pick-ups run by calendar year, from January through December. Your bulk can be a maximum of 5 cubic yards - a pile approximately 3-by-3-by-15-feet. Subsequent collections in the same year require a service fee of $25. Pay Online by credit card or electronic check. Once you submit your payment, please call our office with the confirmation number to schedule your pick-up.

Bulk is generally picked up between the hours of 6 a.m. and 3 p.m. Please have your bulk to the curb by 6 a.m. on your scheduled day. To cancel or reschedule your bulk pick-up, please call our office with 24 hours notice. In bad weather conditions we still collect bulk stops, but will contact you if we need to reschedule. Be sure to clear off any snow that may have accumulated on your bulk items. 

If you have furniture or other items that are in good condition, we encourage you to you donate them to Goodwill, Savers, For Goodness Sake, or similar organizations. 

Multifamily Residences

Only landlords / property managers can schedule a bulk collection for a multi-family (five families or less) residence. This is to ensure that the owner / property manager is aware that the one allowable free collection is being used. Tenants of multi-family homes that wish to schedule a bulk pick-up (without going through the landlord or property manager) can do so by paying the $25 fee. 

We do not pick up bulk from most condos, or buildings that have more than five-family residences. If we pick up your rubbish and recycling, you are eligible for a bulk pick-up. If you live in a building with six families or more, or a condo, you may be interested in purchasing a residential Transfer Station Permit

Please call (860) 584-6125 to schedule a bulk pickup before you place items at the curb.
Based on the volume of calls there may be a delay of a few weeks for your appointment. Please do not put material at curbside more than 24 hours before the scheduled pickup. This may be subject to a citation / fine per city ordinance.

  • Items not eligible for bulk pickup include chemicals, auto parts, construction or demolition debris, brush/branches or large pieces of glass (such as sliding doors).
  • For the safety of our children, please remove refrigerator doors before placing the appliance at the curb.
  • Metal items must be placed separate from burnable items, since we use different trucks to take them away.
  • Please do not place items in cardboard boxes (plastic garbage bags are acceptable). Cardboard must be recycled and small items should go in regular rubbish collection.
  • We can only take carpeting if it is cut in 4-foot strips, rolled, and tied.
  • We will pick up appliances, furniture, wood (4 feet long and no nails, tied and bundled), metal cut and bundled in 4-foot lengths, up to two tires without rims, lawnmowers, and snow blowers (please drain gas and oil).
  • Instructions if you have already scheduled a collection.

Large Quantities
If you have a lot of material or may need to dispose of large items a number of times a year, you may wish to get a residential transfer station permit. This will allow you to dispose of a variety of items throughout the year, at your own convenience.

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