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City of Bristol Connecticut
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Motor Vehicles
Motor Vehicle Taxation
The motor vehicle list is developed with the help of the Department of Motor Vehicles.
Pursuant to Section 14-163 of the Connecticut General Statutes, the commissioner of Motor Vehicles is required to furnish to the assessor a list of motor vehicles and their owners.

Assessed Value Calculation
Assessed values are based on "Clean Retail" value published in the October issue of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) price guide. This valuation guide is recommended by Connecticut Association of Assessing Officers annually to the Office of Policy and Management which accepts the use of the recommended guide to all 169 municipalities.  To appeal a motor vehicle assessment, refer to the Board of Assessment Appeal section of the Assessor website. 

Incorrect Tax Bills

In the event that you recieved a tax bill that you believe is in error, it may be due to one of the following examples:
  • Failure to surrender license plate when vehicle is sold, destroyed, or stolen
  • Failure to provide the DMV with timely change of address
  • DMV entry error

Resolving Motor Vehicle Tax Issues
Forms and required documents to correct tax issues

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