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City of Bristol Connecticut
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Blight in Bristol
Fighting Blight in Bristol

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Mayors Message

The City’s code enforcement mission is to make the City of Bristol a better place to work, live and do business through public education and enforcement of the city ordinances and other related regulations. The City strives for voluntary compliance through effective communication and cooperative partnerships with landlords and residents. The Mayor’s Code Enforcement Committee is a collaboration of city officials from many city departments, some with statutory authority, who work in concert conducting team inspections and handling enforcement of a variety of complex code problems. Through these efforts to date, blight issues are being addressed aggressively, property values are increasing city-wide and the quality of life is improving in neighborhoods throughout the City.

What is “blight”? 
Blight is defined as “conditions that include, but are not limited to the following: structural deterioration, lack of maintenance, infestation, fire hazards, accumulating refuse on private property, storage of two or more unregistered vehicles (junk yard) and unsanitary conditions.” The sections of the city ordinance which deals with these issues are listed under Article V sections 5-46 through 5-58. (City Ordinances)

Common blight issues and contact information

A bite of Blight
A bite of Blight
 "The Blight Fight" in action!

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