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City of Bristol Connecticut
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2015 Bristol Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD)


2015 Plan of Conservation and Development

The Bristol Planning Commission has adopted the City's 2015 Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD), a long-range plan for the community.  The Planning Commission held a Public Hearing on the proposed Plan on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 and subsequently adopted the plan with an effective date of June 30, 2015.

A POCD is a tool to guide the community's future. Its purpose is to establish a common community vision a
nd identify strategies to attain that vision. The Plan's goals, policies, and recommendations are intended to reflect what Bristol residents feel is most desirable for the community.

A POCD is primarily an advisory document. It is intended to guide local officials and provide a framework for consistent decision-making with regard to conservation and development activities in the City over the next decade.

A POCD becomes an official document only after a public hearing and adoption by the Planning Commission. Once adopted, the Plan is used to:

  • coordinate development activities within the City,
  • guide land use decisions and regulations, and
  • provide programs for implementation

The Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) establish the procedures for adopting a Plan and what must (and may) be included in the Plan.

POCD Meeting Documents
Community Workshop Notice - 6/16/14
Booklet 1 - Planning Primer - 7/2/14 
Booklet 2 - Process Overview - 7/2/14 
Booklet 3 - Planning Issues in Bristol - 7/2/14
Booklet 4 - Conditions and Trends - 9/3/14
Booklet 5 - Bristol Conservation Strategies - 8/6/14
Booklet 6 - Possible Development Strategies for Bristol - 9/3/14
Booklet 6 Supplement - Land Use Policy Areas Mentioned in 2000 POCD - 9/3/14
Booklet 7 - Infrastructure Strategies - 10/1/14 
Booklet 8 - Possible Implementation Strategies for Bristol - 11/5/14

Press Release - Telephone Survey - 11/7/14
Final Report - Telephone Survey - 11/25/14

Project Documents

2000 Plan of Conservation and Development
Adopted 2015 Plan of Conservation and Development

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