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2016 Press Releases
12.29.16    UPDATE: Silver Alert Priscilla Vongkeomany
12.29.16    Silver Alert Priscilla Vongkeomany
12.27.16    Lifesaving Award
12.27.16    UPDATE: Silver Alert Tadeusz Tomaszycki
12.27.16    Silver Alert Tadeusz Tomaszycki
12.27.16    King St Stabbing Arrest
12.02.16    Stuff The Truck
12.02.16    Winter Parking Ban
12.01.16    DWI Checkpoint
11.23.16    Robbery Patrol
11.21.16    Holiday Robbery Patrol
11.21.16    UPDATE: Fatal Bicycle Accident
11.21.16    Fatal Bicycle Accident
11.14.16    Explorers SWAT Challenge
11.09.16    Silver Alert
10.26.16    Memorial Blvd. Serious Accident
10.25.16    UPDATE: Chili Cook Off
10.25.16    Chili Cook Off
10.19.16    School Street Robbery
10.17.16    Drug Take Back 2016
10.05.16    New Officers
10.05.16    UPDATE 2: Bristol Central HS Clown Threat
10.05.16    UPDATE: Bristol Central HS Clown Threat
10.05.16    Bristol Central HS CLown Threat
10.05.16    Traffic Advisory
08.22.16    Distinguished Service Medal & Police officer of the month
09.12.16    School Street Motorcycle Accident
09.08.16    Faneuil Call Center CO Evacuation
09.06.16    DWI Checkpoint
09.06.16    Bristol Hospital Pedestrian Accident
08.25.16    USPS Package Delivery Error
08.18.16    Officer Awards
08.18.16    Stephen Michaud Arrest
08.10.16    Davis Drive Drug Arrest
08.10.16    DWI Checkpoint
08.10.16    Fisher House Road Race
08.08.16    UPDATE: Serious motorcycle accident on Willis Street
08.08.16    Serious motorcycle accident on Willis Street
08.03.16    Text & Drive Crackdown
08.01.16    Missing Person
07.27.16    Bank Robbery Broad Street
07.18.16    Serious motorcycle accident on South Street
07.15.16    Pedestrian accident on Pine Street
07.13.16    DWI Checkpoint
07.11.16    Davis Drive Shooting
07.08.16    UPDATE: pedestrian crash on North Main
07.07.16    Serious pedestrian crash on North Main Street
07.06.16    Motor vehicle break-ins
07.05.16    "Cop on Top" Event
06.29.16    Burglary arrest on Fairview Avenue
06.22.16    Police commendations
06.16.16    Parking restriction for North Main St car show
06.16.16    DWI Checkpoint announcement
06.11.16    Shooting on South Street Extension
06.09.16    Bank Robbery
06.08.16    Parking for The Vietnam Wall That Heals
06.03.16    Suspicious person on Concord Street
05.29.16    Burglary arrest
05.26.16    DWI Checkpoint announcement
05.24.16    Update for pedestrian crash on West Washington Street
05.23.16    Police need your help identifying a robbery suspect
05.23.16    Serious pedestrian crash King St & West Washington St
05.23.16    Crash update from Redstonehill Road
05.22.16    Serious M/C crash on Redstone Hill Road
05.20.16    Click It or Ticket Campaign
05.19.16    Police Awards
05.16.16    Bristol Police Blood Drive
05.16.16    Fugitive arrested
05.13.16    Armed robbery on Riverside Avenue
04.21.16    Prescription Take Back Day
04.18.16    Serious car crash on Waterbury Road
04.14.16    DWI Checkpoint announcement
04.11.16    BB Gun assault on Blakeslee Street
04.07.16    Pedestrian struck on North Main Street
04.01.16    Truck crash on South Street
04.01.16    April Distracted Driving Enforcement
03.30.16    DWI Checkpoint announcement
03.26.16    Stabbing with arrest made
03.24.16    Vehicle pursuit & arrest
03.18.16    Street robbery on North Main Street
03.17.16    Shamrock Road Race traffic information
03.14.16    2016 Police Officers of the Year
03.14.16    Robbery at West St Valero
03.14.16    Requesting the public's help in BB gun shootings
03.12.16    Suspicious person on Martin Road
03.10.16    IRS Tax scam
03.07.16    UPDATE: Broad St crash
03.05.16    House fire on Stafford Ave
03.05.16    Serious crash on Broad St by King St
03.04.16    Missing person
03.03.16    Assault investigation w/ 4 arrests
02.26.16    Arrest made in double fatality from December 2015
02.17.16    Shots fired
02.17.16    Arrest of former teacher
02.09.16    UPDATE: School threat
02.09.16    Threat at City school
02.03.16    Risk of injury arrest
02.01.16    BB Gun Assault on Blakeslee St
01.30.16    BB Gun assault on Riverside Avenue
01.29.16    Serious car crash on Mix St by Coventry Road
01.25.16    Gunshots on Conlon Street
01.21.16    Body cameras
01.21.16    Arrest made in fatal crash on Waterbury Road
01.16.16    BPD Officer arrested
01.15.16    Animal cruelty arrest
01.04.16    Arrest made for Pine Street robbery

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