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City of Bristol Connecticut
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Studies and Reports
The City of Bristol periodically conducts studies that are of significant interest to the public. Below are studies and reports available for public review.

 Report Name  Dated  By
Depot Square Phase I Summary April 24, 2014 Renaissance Downtowns
 Depot Square Phase I Financial April 24, 2014 Renaissance Downtowns
 Financing and Leasing Plan May 12, 2015
Renaissance Downtowns
 Depot Square Appraisals    
 Goodman Marks (for Renaissance)  Dec 7, 2012  Goodman-Marks Associates
 Wellspeak Dugas Kane (for City)  Dec 4, 2012  Wellspeak Dugas & Kane

 Space Needs Analysis  May 1, 2012  Drummey Rosane Anderson Inc
 Section 1 Recommendations    
 Section 2 City Hall    
 Section 3 Police Department    
 Section 4 Superior Court    
 Section 5 Fire Headquarters    
 Section 6 Beals Community Center    
 Section 7 Bingham School    
 Section 8 O'Connell School    
 Section 9 Memorial Boulevard School    
 Section 10 Youth Services    
 Appendix - Demographics    
 Appendix - Vault Regulations    
 Route 72 Corridor Study  April 28, 2005  Fitzgerald Halliday Inc
 Coppermine Brook Study  April 10, 2008  Milone and MacBroom, Inc.
Coppermine Brook Drainage Evaluation  August 8, 2008
Coppermine Brook Presentation    April 10, 2008
 Full Coppermine Report  August 8, 2008  
  - Coppermine Report Indexes    
 Comprehensive Energy Audit  Feb 22, 2011  Camp Dresser McKee
 Plan of Conservation and Development  2000  Buckhurst Fish and Jacquemart Inc.
 West End Study  June 29, 2011  The Capstan Group LLC & Yale Urban Design Workshop
 Planning Study  1920  John Nolen
 Gorman and York Final Report on Downtown    
 Mayor's Field Usage Task Force Report  June 2014  
 Feasibility Study - Memorial Blvd School  March 15, 2015  Drummey Rosane Anderson Inc.
Community Risk Assessment for
Bristol Fire Operations
 August 2014  Manitou, Incorporated
Memorial Boulevard Cultural Center Documents
Gilbane City Hall Conceptual Estimating Update Letter March 2017  
Gilbane Bristol City Hall Forecasted Future Projects Report  November 2016   
Gilbane Cultural Center Estimate Update  June 2017  

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