Commercial Accounts

Fees for Commercial Account Holders

Retail stores, industrial users, and apartments and condominiums with more than three dwelling units are classified as commercial users. Their actual water consumption and sewer use may vary greatly during different times of this year. This would be the case with seasonal business, industry production, or vacancies in apartments. Therefore, commercial accounts are billed for sewer usage based on the actual amount of water used during the quarter as read off the water meter plus a standard service fee. The amount of the service fee depends on meter size of the water service entering the building.


If a commercial building serviced by a 3/4 inch water meter used 3,510 cubic feet of water during the three month billing period, the bill for that quarter would be:

Actual water usage 3,510 cubic feet
x    Present rate
x    0.0298 dollars per cubic foot  
+   Service fee
+   $41.12                                       
     $145.72 total bill for quarter