Residential Accounts

Fees for Residential Account Holders

For residential homes, one to three family houses are billed at the same rate charge as commercial accounts except residential usage is based on the amount of water used during the winter quarter. The reason for this is that any water used during the winter is discharged into the sanitary sewer. During the summer months water is used to water lawns, wash cars, and fill pools and never enters the sewer system. By basing the billing usage on the winter quarter only, homeowners are not billed unnecessarily for water that did not enter the sewer system.

Sewer Usage Rates

Sewer Usage Rate is .0298 dollars per cubic foot

One cubic foot of water is 7.48 gallons

Service Fees

Meter SizeRate
5/8 inch$25.29
3/4 inch$41.12
1 inch$54.80
1.5 inches$63.87
2 inches$75.20
3 inches$100.19
4 inches$141.02
6 inches $177.35


A residential home served by a 5/8 inch water meter uses 400 cubic feet of water during the winter quarter (January, February, March for District 2). Their sewer usage bill for each of the four quarters from July to June of the following year will be:

  • Winter quarter usage: 400 cubic feet
    Present rate
    x 0.0298 dollars per cubic feet
    + Service fee
    + $25.29
    $37.21 each quarter