Human Resources

Department Responsibilities

The major function of the Human Resources Department is to provide city departments with the human resources necessary to provide efficient, quality service to the taxpayers of the City of Bristol. The department administers and coordinates the city’s personnel and labor relations activities.

In addition to being responsible for negotiating, administering, and interpreting labor contracts, the department provides a myriad of services including processing employment applications, recruiting, interviewing applicants, and hiring. The department also represents the city at grievances, mediation sessions, and in arbitration and unfair labor practice hearings before the State Board of Labor Relations and the State Board of Mediation and Arbitration. The department administers entry level, lateral, and promotional testing, and personnel records are maintained for city employees from date of hire to separation.

 Risk Management

The Risk Management Division of the Human Resources Department is responsible for identifying, evaluating and managing potential hazards and exposures of risk to the City in an effort to reduce or minimize property and casualty losses. The division coordinates all risk control activities including development of policies and procedures, compliance with state or federal OSHA statutes and safety programs. The division also investigates auto accidents and administers worker’s compensation and liability claims.

The Risk Manager serves as the City’s representative with state and federal officials, other municipalities, and professional organizations in matters related to the division.

The City of Bristol is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Affirmative Action Policy Statement

Affirmative Action Plan