Youth Services

Our Mission

Bristol Youth Services is a community-based social service bureau caring for the well-being of the city’s youth through advocacy, resource development and coordination of comprehensive service delivery systems to strengthen the healthy functioning of youth and their families and provide opportunities for youth to act as responsible members of the community.

Service Overview

Bristol Youth Services Bureau holds a commitment to meet the needs of youth and their families by ameliorating conditions leading to teenage pregnancy, suicide, violence, substance abuse, cultural intolerance, anti-social or self-destructive behavior, and the neglect or abuse of children.  The Bureau strives to enhance the networking and support between family, school, peer and community environments, thereby diverting the youth from involvement with the justice system or becoming victims of violence or abuse.  Center-based programs and outreach activities to schools and neighborhoods assist youth in the development of their desires, skills, talents, and goals.  Emphasis is placed on cultivating young people’s sense of responsibility, self-worth and community service and promoting children as valued contributing members of the community.


The department holds a commitment to protecting young people from becoming victims of inequity and ameliorating conditions leading to teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, peer violence, cultural intolerance, anti-social or self-destructive behavior, suicidality, and neglect or abuse. Services offer opportunities to resolve situations influencing youth's behaviors thereby diverting juveniles from involvement with the justice system.

Services Categories

 Two primary service areas, the Administrative Core Unit and the Direct Service Unit, characterize the Youth Service Bureau.

  Administrative Services 

  • Advocacy
  • Research and Community Needs Assessment
  • Resource and Program Development
  • Community Education and Involvement

  Direct Services

  • Information and Referral
  • Positive Youth Development Groups and Youth Employment Training
  • Adventure-based and Experiential Education
  • Cultural Enrichment / Recreational Programs
  • Family Service Needs Assessment, Case management, Advocacy and Service Coordination
  • Outreach Support Services
  • Individual and Family Counseling  


The Bristol Youth Service Bureau is a member of the Connecticut Youth Services Association which is charged with advocating for youth and centrally coordinating the comprehensive delivery of services for youth and their families.