Pine Lake adventure park


Looking for the perfect place to foster relationships through fun outdoor challenges?  The Pine Lake Adventure Park is just the place for you!

As one of Connecticut's longest standing courses, we offer adventure programming that inspires growth for groups of all kinds including teammates from schools, private agencies, community organizations, and corporate groups.  Using creative experiential-based initiatives, your group will discover more about themselves and each other through engaging, fun-filled experiences all led by our specially trained and seasoned facilitators. 

our course

The Pine Lake Adventure Park is a professional facility nestled in the woods of a forty acre public park in Bristol, CT and offers more than 40 different low and high elements.  Stations are constructed of ropes, steel cables, and obstacles sitting in a grove of majestic pines.  All of our activities are designed to provide a challenge that will surely test your skills!

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Our programs

Our Adventure programs require individuals within the group to work together to overcome obstacles in order to be successful.  The elements test teamwork, communication skills, creativity, and the degree of cooperation within the group.  All elements can be modified to meet the age ability of each group and stations can be adapted to provide comparable experiences for individuals with physical challenges.

In addition, we can deliver our programs to a group or community off-site.  For each program we custom design a meaningful experience involving games, initiatives and portable elements intended to challenge and build the team's trust, perseverance, and leadership.

Listed below are seven basic program areas that successfully use adventure-based education:

  • Community Development
  • Educational/Academic
  • Professional Development
  • Therapeutic
  • Corporate
  • Physical Education/Recreation
  • Spiritual Development


our philosophy

The Pine Lake Adventure Park operates using the Challenge-By-Choice model meaning the challenges each participant takes on are by choice.  Participants are periodically asked to evaluate their progress toward their chosen goal.  Instructors and peers offer constructive feedback and support that encourages the growth of each individual within the group.  So whether you're 9 or 69 years old, our adventure-based facility will provide a worthwhile experience helping you and your group learn and grow.

Meet our core team

Lisa Cheney, Pine Lake adventure park Coordinator

(860) 314-4690, ext. 2,

Growing up in rural New England, Lisa developed a deep appreciation for the great outdoors at an early age.  While working as a corporate trainer, she discovered adventure education and fell in love with the way the model facilitates the building of healthy communities.  Lisa has spent over 20 years working on challenge courses throughout New England facilitating students from kindergarten through college, adult learners, and diverse populations.  She is well versed in teaching team skills, community development, personal growth, and diversity.   Lisa has designed and delivered curriculums which tie into common core in the classroom and are successfully taught on the course - proving that some of the best classrooms have no walls.