Residential Pay As You Throw Information

Residential Pay As You Throw

To use the Transfer Station, you must have a Transfer Station permit. Your permit must be active, and there must be money on the account to gain access to the Transfer Station. You need to bring the permit when you visit the Transfer Station.


 Rates (effective 9/2/14)

  • Full loads of the following materials are no-charge (partial/mixed loads will be considered chargeable):
    • Antifreeze, leaves, oil, fluorescent bulbs, electronics, acceptable single stream recyclable materials and metal.
    • Mattress/Box Springs - we will allow 2 pieces (either 2 mattresses, 2 boxsprings, or one of each) per day free for residential permit-holders only (per State statute) - no mattress toppers/pads/cribs. Find other mattress disposal options here.
    • You can mix any free materials together in the same load. If you mix free materials with chargeable materials (anything not listed above), the entire load is considered chargeable. 
    • The first 100 pounds of any chargeable load are free PER DAY, then $.60 every 10 pounds after.
    • Rate/Price Chart

Residential Permits

All residential permits are five-year permits. Residential permits are for Bristol residents and/or residential property-owners only. Business waste will not be accepted at the Transfer Station with a residential permit.

Five-year residential permits are $40.00. Permits can be purchased in the Public Works office located on the ground floor of City Hall. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please bring the following with you:

  • Permit fee of $40.00 cash, check or credit/debit card (convenience fees apply for credit/debit card payments in-office)
  • Your current driver’s license (showing your Bristol address)
  • A utility bill with your full name and address if your driver's license does not have your Bristol address
  • Minimum payment of $25.00 required to start the account.

Permits must be visible when entering the Transfer Station.

new transfer station permits:

If you have never had a permit to the Transfer Station, you can request one via our digital application for NEW Transfer Station Permits. To be eligible, you must be either a Bristol resident or a residential property owner in Bristol. You must fill out the online application, pay the $65 fee ($40 for the 5 year permit, and $25 in funds), and attach the required documents (photos of the front and back of your driver’s license and a utility bill or other official piece of mail to prove Bristol residency/homeownership). Once you submit the form, you will be automatically directed to the People’s United Bank website to make your payment. Please select "Miscellaneous Payments," and in the drop-down, select "New Transfer Station Pass." If you are unsure whether or not you've had a Transfer Station permit, please email or call 860-584-6125.

If you would prefer to obtain a new transfer station permit by mail, please mail a check ($65 written to The City of Bristol, in the memo, please write "New Transfer Station Permit"), include a note with your contact information (name, address, phone number, and email), and the required documents (see above), please mail to: Public Works 111 North Main Street Bristol, CT 06010. 

We will mail the permit to you once we receive all required materials, your payment, and your digital application is fully processed. You may not use the Transfer Station until you receive the plastic hang-tag permit in the mail.

Permit Replacement

If you no longer have your permit, you must purchase another permit at full cost. The replacement fee is $40.00 and the permit is valid for five years. You cannot visit the Transfer Station without the physical permit. You may come into the office to purchase a replacement permit, or you can request one online and we will mail it. To request a replacement permit online, please fill out our digital application. In the "notes" section of the application, please write "REPLACEMENT." Once you sign and submit the form, you will be re-routed to the bank site to make your $40.00 payment (please select "Miscellaneous Payments," then in the drop-down, select "New Transfer Station Permit.") Once we have received both the application and the payment, we will mail the permit to you. 

If you sell your vehicle, get a new vehicle, etc. please remove your permit from the old vehicle. Your permit can be used in any vehicle.

Account Process

  • Transfer Station accounts need a minimum account balance of $25.00 to access the Transfer Station. Any cost for the load will be deducted from your account. 
  • Once the account balance is below $30.00* (or higher in some cases), residents will receive a reminder message (on the message boards at the Transfer Station) that funds need to be added to the account.
  • Once funds fall below $25.00, access to the Transfer Station will be denied until funds are added to the account.*
  • You can ask for a receipt upon exiting the Transfer Station. You can also check your balance online (click here for directions).
  • If a load brought in to the Transfer Station exceeds the amount on a residents account, the account will be deactivated and no further access to the Transfer Station will be allowed until the balance is paid in full and additional funds of at least $25.00 (in most cases) is available on the account.
  • Negative account balances must be paid within thirty days. If your account remains in the negative, your account thresholds will increase and you will be required to maintain a minimum account balance of $50.00 to access the Transfer Station. In addition, your account will be referred to the Corporation Counsel's Office (the City's legal department) for collections.

Payments/Adding funds to your account

  • Residential Transfer Station customers must maintain a minimum account balance of $25.00 to access the Transfer Station.
  • The Transfer Station facility does not accept payments.
  • Credit/debit card or electronic check (using your checking account number and bank routing number) payments can be made online. There is no longer a minimum amount required for online payments, or in-office credit/debit card payments. Each payment is a one-time payment, we do not keep payment methods on file. 
  • To make a credit/debit card payment online, visit our payment center
  • We are no longer accepting telephone payments.
  • Renewals and additional funds will be processed and available in your account the next day after making an online payment.
  • You may also come to City Hall (Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at Public Works – Ground Floor) to pay with cash, check or credit/debit card. Payments made at City Hall will be available to use immediately.
  • All PAYT debit/credit card payments made IN THE OFFICE are subject to a service fee of 2.95% per transaction. Due to COVID, all convenience fees for ONLINE payments have been waived.

How to Check Your Account Balance, Add Funds, or Renew Your Permit Online

Account ID

  • Your account ID is typically your drivers’ license number. Your account ID will be required to make an online payment.

Permit Renewals

Permits can be renewed for $40.00 online or at the Public Works office for a five year renewal. You will continue to use the same permit. If you no longer have the permit, you must come into the office to purchase a replacement permit, or call the office immediately after you renew online so we can mail you a replacement permit. We mail replacement permits by request only. You no longer need your vehicle registration to renew your permit. You will be notified via the electronic display screens at the Transfer Station when your permit is close to expiration. You can also use our payment center system to check your expiration date and account balance. To renew your residential permit online, visit the Payment Center and select Pay As You Throw Permit Renewal

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