1. Our Mission

    It is the mission of the Bristol Parks, Recreation, Youth & Community Services Department to enhance the quality of life for all Bristol residents through the delivery of high quality recreational services and attractive, well maintained facilities that meet the diverse needs of the community.

    Our Vision

    The Bristol Parks, Recreation, Youth & Community Services Department is an essential department impacting the lives of all Bristol residents. In addition to providing high quality recreational services and facilities, the department is committed to being at the forefront of solution-based problem solving to address current and future challenges facing the City of Bristol.

    Core Values

    • Commitment to Service: Utilize a responsive, customer-centric, resident driven professional approach to all areas of service delivery.
    • Commitment to Partnership: Develop strong community partners and sponsors to ensure the changing recreational and leisure needs of a diverse community are being met.
    • Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Social Equity: Ensuring every resident feels welcome and has access to great parks and recreational services; regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and socio-economic status.
    • Commitment to Stewardship and Conservation: Managing city parks and open space to preserve natural resources and park assets for future generations.

    Equity, Inclusion and A.D.A Statement

    The City of Bristol Parks, Recreation, Youth & Community Services Department believes that equitable access to high quality recreation and parks services is a right, not just a privilege. The department provides scholarships to qualifying families and inclusion services that allow persons with and without disabilities to recreate together in environments that are safe, fun and respectful. The City of Bristol will comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.