Route 6 Corridor Plan

Route 6 Corridor Plan

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The City of Bristol Planning Commission (the Commission) has embarked on a study of the Route 6 corridor. The Commission will be working with a consultant, Fitzgerald and Halliday, Inc. (FHI), on the study.

From Terryville to Farmington, Route 6 in Bristol has evolved organically over time into a major commercial corridor and arterial route in the City of Bristol. It is heavily traveled, and largely built out with disparate clusters of mostly commercial uses abutting residential neighborhoods.

As a major arterial roadway that carries both local and through traffic, it is a critical link to the downtown, while providing important access into Bristol's neighborhoods as well as Farmington to the northeast and Plymouth to the southwest.

Many of the commercial complexes are aging and may be on the threshold of redevelopment. The question becomes how to encourage reinvestment in the corridor and at the same time encourage that redevelopment to be of a shape and form the community desires. All of this creates some challenges for today but also strong future opportunities.

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