Aquifer Protection Agency

Meeting Information

Published Legal Notices for the past 30 days (Bristol Press)

Regular Members

NameTerm Ends
Louise Provenzano, Vice Chairman
Michael Massarelli, Secretary
Peter Del Mastro
David White
Richard Harlow

Alternate Members

NameTerm Ends
Timothy Gamache12/22
Marc Gagnon
Tom Marra6/20

The Bristol Aquifer Protection Agency administers the State of Connecticut’s Aquifer Protection Area Program for the city. The purpose of the program is to identify critical public water supply aquifer areas and to protect them from pollution by managing activities conducted nearby. The program was established by the State of Connecticut (Sec. 22a-354a et seq.) to address activities that threaten aquifer quality. The City Council designated the city’s Zoning Commission as the Aquifer Protection Agency by ordinance in 2004.

The Agency has the following responsibilities, as set forth in Sec. 22a-354o and Sec. 22a-354p of the Connecticut General Statutes:

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