Shared Engineering Documents

Available Information

Connecticut Department of Transportation Community Connectivity Grant Program (CCGP) funding includes 2 areas of construction work for 2020; Ramp and Sidewalk improvements and Wayfinding Signs.  The Preliminary Plans (Not for Construction) are provided below: 

2017 Road Safety Audit

Bristol Grand Plan Map


Unaccepted Streets Utilized by Residents

Unaccepted Streets Maps


Bristol ADA Presentation

Intersection Drawings

 City of Bristol Drawings

 DOT Traffic Signal Plans

 Farmington Oakland

Asplundh Tree Map

DPW Roadway Condition Rating - Report 

Pavement Management Program - Draft Report 

Roadway Maintenance History Summary

Info from Board of Public Works December Meeting

Bridge Construction Update

DOT Route 69/72 West End Intersection Reconstruction

Roadway Speed Bumps/Humps


Public Buildings Project List

Bristol Sanitary Landfill Stewardship Permit